Married Life

I met Mike and Rylee in junior high. I remember when the two of them first met at Cerro Villa middle school. Rylee and I went to a party one night (we thought we were so cool going to our first party together) where she had her first slow dance with Mikey and guess what? I photographed it!! Years later I was able to recreate the dance photo.They are not only the cutest couple of all time but they are the cutest MARRIED COUPLE! These two just got married this summer and so I was so honored to be able to photograph them right after they became newly weds. Their love was so apparent and so beautiful that of course their photos turned out amazing! Rylee and Mike share such a unique and special connection with one another. It isn't every day that you get to say you know someone that has dated since JR High and ended up together! Take a look below at their cute session.




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