The Leslie's

On Sunday April 30th I photographed Shannon and Colby in celebration of their first year of marriage together. These two were so much fun the entire shoot. Their love for one another is so strong and so powerful and you can just tell how happy the two of them are just from spending an hour with them. 

Our shoot took place at the Orange Circle because Shannon grew up in the area and her so she thought it would be special to have the location take place there. The two shared coffee together in part of the shoot at the cutest little place called Portola Coffee Lab. Afterwards, we walked behind the buildings and found a ton of really cute places to shoot. 

I was dying the entire time because I had Colby come from behind Shannon with a ton of impact to make her hair flow and capture the initial reaction of the impact. I kept saying "impact her harder just like a car crash" while Shannon would laugh and say "more impact Colby". Whatever it was, it worked and the photos looked great. The two had me laughing the entire time. 

Needless to say, this photoshoot was a complete success. I cannot wait to photograph these two again in the near future and watch their love story continue.