Shelby & Manuel

My photo session with Shelby and Manuel was perfect. I was afraid the since the weather had been pretty crappy earlier that day that I might try and contact them to shoot a little earlier and I am glad that we did. Right when 5:00 hit, it started to rain and pretty heavily. I just kept telling them, can you imagine if we were just now starting to shoo.t 

The entire session we couldn't stop chatting. I had to shut myself up a couple of times because I was forgetting the whole reason why we were there. These two were just so much fun and had me giggling the entire time. They are huge country fans like I am so we listened to country music during their shoot while the two danced together. They are truly a match made in heaven. Shelby looked so adorable in her little country outfit and I died over Manuel's cowboy hat. They were both saying how they were so nervous for the shoot but they were so natural and truly let loose. I enjoyed every minute of their session. I cannot wait to shoot with them again.