Welcome to my first Blog

Hello and welcome to my first ever blog post! I thought that for my first post I would share a little bit about myself and my journey becoming a photographer. I picked up my first camera in 7th grade where I owned my very first digital camera and boy did I think I was so cool. Everything was automatic of course but still, I was photographing everything and anything in sight. Then when I turned 18 years old, my dad got me my very first DSLR camera. It was a T series Canon (and to those of you that know cameras, this was a VERY basic but huge step up from my digital camera). I started taking photos for friends that just wanted a new profile picture for Myspace, Facebook, and then the wonderful world of Instagram began. But I am telling you, this was all just for fun and nothing else. During my college years I had friends ask me to start photographing them for occasions such as graduation and prom. I did it all for free because I absolutely loved it and people seemed to really love my photos. It was a win win for both of us so I continued to do it just as a passion until a very close friend of mine got engaged. She requested that I photograph her engagement photos and I was thrilled. After realizing the time it took to not only photograph all of these events but to also edit the pictures, I realized that I actually might have a future career in this field. It was after that session that I finally decided it was time to make this into something a little more than just a hobby. I created an Instagram for my friends and family to follow my progress and watch my journey as a photographer then shortly after, I started to get more and more people wanting to book with me. I have been so blessed and so lucky throughout this entire journey. I made friends with a ton of other fellow photographers and they continued to encourage me in such a positive way. I love what I do and eventually hope to do this full time. The best part of it all is that I get to do what I love and I continue to make others happy with the experience and the photos that will last a lifetime. So if you haven't already, follow my Instagram and Facebook page at Nicole Kirshner Photography and watch my journey through photographs. 



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